Local & In-Season

Local Sourcing, fresh flavors

In partnership with Produce Source Partners, we’re able to feature seasonal ingredients and create menu items that include what’s fresh on Virginia farms today. That means peak-of-flavor ingredients are at the foundation of your Good Leaf salad bowl, soups, drinks and desserts. Berries from Vernon Hill, Tomatoes from Hanover, Apples from Winchester, Organic Herbs from Abington and an ever-changing selection depending on what’s being picked now.

Here are some Virginia farms in the Produce Source Partner family growing ingredients for your next meal at The Good Leaf.

JC Bean Sprouts

Stafford County, Virginia

– Established in 1983 –

Sunnyside Farm

Cumberland, Virginia

– Established in 1889 –

Dodd’s Acres

Mechanicsville, Virginia

– Established in 1952 –

Hanover Plant and
Vegetable Farm

Hanover County, Virginia

– Established in 1902 –

Appalachian Sustainable Development

Abington, Virginia

– Established in 2000 –

Cole Berry Farm

Vernon Hill, Virginia

– Established in 1988 –